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This calls for Champagne!

This was definitely one of our favourite cakes that we've done so far. We received an order for a 60th anniversary cake and what could be more perfect for an anniversary than a bottle of champagne! We started with our delicious carrot cake with cream cheese icing and sculpted the box, and then the bottle out of cake. We then created some wood sides for the box out of fondant, giving it an authentic wood grain look :).

We airbrushed the bottle with edible colour to give it a realistic shiny glass look. We created a label for the bottle, some straw for the box and of course, some sugar champagne glasses (complete with some edible is the diamond anniversary after all!).

The finishing touch, and our favourite part, a big bunch of fondant grapes resting against the box. We're so happy with the way this cake came together and hope the happy couple was just as thrilled :)

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It's time for some BBQ!!

We were asked to create a bbq-themed cake for a surprise 50th birthday party. And let me just say, we had SO much fun with this cake!! We started with a red velvet cake filled with cream cheese icing and then went crazy with the fondant bbq fixin's!

We started by making some classic burgers and sausages out of fondant, and then added in detail using edible coloured powders and food colouring. From there we created some charcoal briquettes and a grill to set everything on top of.

And then we just couldn't stop! We made shrimp skewers, hamburger buns, a big block of cheese and a finished ready-to-eat burger. We also made a ketchup and mustard bottle to celebrate the big '5-0'.

We hope the birthday boy enjoyed his cake. We sure enjoyed making it! And now we're craving some real bbq!

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Hockey time!!!

This was a fun one! We were asked to design a cake for the Whitby Wolves girls hockey team party. We love making themed cakes because we can go crazy with all the fun little details!

We decided on a hockey rink cake, complete with jerseys featuring everyone on the team. And of course we couldn't forget the goals, sticks, pucks and some supportive team flags!

 We were asked to pick the most popular flavour of cake and icing, so we decided on chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream. You definitely can't go wrong with that :)

After baking and icing the cake, we covered it in fondant and then got to work arranging all of the decorations. And we're happy to say that all of the jerseys fit perfectly on the cake! We love the finished product and hope that the Whitby Wolves feel the same! :)