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Playing Catch-up!

Yikes! To say we're a bit behind in our blog would be an understatement. It's been a crazy few months, but we're super excited to get back into posting updates of our work, and sharing everything that we've done over the past year. This post will be a quick look into some of our favourite cakes and treats that we've finished lately. And stay tuned for a very busy spring and summer!

This first cake was a super cute heart-shaped quilting cake. This was quite a difficult and time-consuming cake, but we LOVED the way it turned out. It was definitely like building and putting together a puzzle from scratch :)

These next two cakes are two of our most recent tiered cakes. They're both so unique and elegant and we're always so excited to see how the final product comes together. Both of these cakes required the use of new techniques and we love any excuse to practice new and creative ways of creating the requested designs :).

This first cake was a beautiful 3-tiere…