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Playing Catch-up!

Yikes! To say we're a bit behind in our blog would be an understatement. It's been a crazy few months, but we're super excited to get back into posting updates of our work, and sharing everything that we've done over the past year. This post will be a quick look into some of our favourite cakes and treats that we've finished lately. And stay tuned for a very busy spring and summer!

This first cake was a super cute heart-shaped quilting cake. This was quite a difficult and time-consuming cake, but we LOVED the way it turned out. It was definitely like building and putting together a puzzle from scratch :)

These next two cakes are two of our most recent tiered cakes. They're both so unique and elegant and we're always so excited to see how the final product comes together. Both of these cakes required the use of new techniques and we love any excuse to practice new and creative ways of creating the requested designs :).

This first cake was a beautiful 3-tiere…
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Retirements and Birthdays!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today's post features some of our recent retirement and birthday cakes. We LOVE doing these types of cakes as we're able to bring in elements of each person to truly personalize each cake. These cakes are a lot of work and take hours to complete all of the little handmade decorations but we absolutely love seeing the finished products and seeing and hearing reactions from our clients :).

The first cake up is a retirement cake for a lucky guy who just bought a new truck. We recreated the truck out of cake and filled it to the brim with items that he loves. From golf clubs to guitars, spaghetti to baseball, this cake is truly a reflection of all of his favourites! We even included a garbage can full of work related items he'll no longer need :P

Next up is a retirement cake for for an employee who plays bass guitar in a band. We created an almost life-size replica of his guitar in cake and included a passport and boarding pass to represent his upcoming …

Cakes for the Kiddies!

Today's blog post is featuring some of our recent cakes that we created for children-related events. From birthday parties to Christenings, baby showers to gender reveal parties, every cake was so much fun to make and we hope just as much fun to eat!

First up are three birthday cakes. Each one is so different but we loved each and every one of them! We love doing children's birthday cakes because we can use tons of bright colours and lots of adorable little decorations.

The first cake is a second birthday cake for a lucky little boy who LOVES trucks. We made his first birthday cake last year (a super cute dump truck!) so this year we went with a construction truck, filled to the brim with chocolate brownies. We also included an adorable little fondant moose, who may or may not have stolen a bite of brownie ;)

The second cake was for a Cookie Monster themed first birthday party. And, of course, you can't have a cookie monster cake without fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

This Summer's Wedding Cakes!

Hello everyone! Yes, it's been a LONG time since our last post. We couldn't believe how busy we've been the past few months. The summer flew by and then all of a sudden it was Christmas! The good news is that we now have dozens of cakes, cookies and cupcakes to feature on our upcoming blog posts :).

To start things off, we decided to feature the wedding cakes that we worked on this past summer. We've included one we had already posted in early summer, but thought we should include it again here for those of you who may have missed it.

First up we have a elegant single-tiered wedding cake. The bride went with a vintage theme to her wedding, so the cake was designed to match, with a beautiful ruffled design and a single pink peony. We absolutely loved the simplicity and elegance of this lemon flavoured cake.

Next up was a super fun Margaritaville-themed cake! This cake was so much fun and PERFECT for a casual summer wedding taking place beside a lake. We loved the bright…

Little Bit of Everything!

So it looks like we've been slacking with our blog posts again! We must be into the busy wedding and party season :). We've had a VERY busy few weeks with some super fun (and delicious) results! First, we'll start with all of the fun party cakes that we've been making recently.

First up, Bubble Guppies! Now we have to admit, before this order, we had absolutely no clue who or what the Bubble Guppies were. Luckily after doing some research, we were excited to find out that they were super cute ocean characters. We couldn't wait to get started making all of the fun characters and decorations to go with this theme! For this party we made Bubble Guppies cake pops, cupcakes and of course, a cake! We made this lucky two-year old's first birthday cake a year ago and couldn't believe that it had been a year already! We hope she liked her special birthday treats and can't wait for her third birthday! :)

Next up was a retirement cake for a local fireman. Anyone w…

Beer, Wine, Golf and Ombre!

Talk about a mish-mash title for this post! But that's what our last couple of weeks has been like, a little bit of everything! It's been a crazy few days and we LOVED it! Our most recent cakes are some of our favourites that we've ever made. And we think it's fair to say that wedding and Summer party season has officially started!

Speaking of summer, first up was a cake PERFECT for the sunny, hot, bbqing, party weather. The birthday boy is a huge fan of Corona beer, so when his wife was planning his party, she knew that the cake HAD to incorporate details of his favourite beer. We were allowed to get super creative with this cake so we decided on a fondant covered ice bucket carrot cake, complete with sugar Corona bottles, and lots of adorable edible sugar limes, ice cubes, beer caps and of course, a bottle opener! We were so happy with how this cake turned out and were thrilled that clients loved it as much as we did :)

Next up, we switched gears from wine!…

Tinkerbell and Baby Showers!

We've said it before, but we LOVE making treats for children's parties! It's so much fun getting to incorporate our own twist on to the theme of the party. And when that theme is Tinkerbell, we get to bring out the super bright colours, glitter, and of course...magic!

We had so much fun with this first party. It was for a first birthday party. The proud mom chose cupcakes for the occasion which meant we got to come up with all kinds of fun designs! For Tinkerbell we of course had to tie in the mischievous little fairy herself. We also created some sparkly magic wands, dainty little flowers and butterflies, glittery stars and of course, her cute little pom-pommed shoes! We started with our lemon cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes and covered them all in our deliciously sweet vanilla buttercream, tinted in all of Tinkerbell's favourite colours. Then we added on all of our magical little decorations and voila! Tinkerbell cupcakes ready for the birthday girl!

Our next party w…