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Black and White and Bling!

It was another cupcake wedding at Sugarbird last weekend! And this one was pure elegance and glamour :). The couple was going with a black and white theme, complete with glittery, sparkly rhinestone accents. So of course we had to make the cupcakes match as perfectly as possible :).

We started with the top of the cupcake tower, which was a small cake for the ceremonial cake cutting. The flavour choice for this was chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream. A favourite for the groom! We went with a classic white fondant, and then stenciled on a black damask pattern out of icing. We used a black ribbon and some gorgeous rhinestones and finished it off with some black and white flowers on top. Very classy :)

Then it was on to the cupcakes! The couple chose three different flavours for their treats. First up was our famous banana cupcakes with a delicious fudgy chocolate buttercream. Next up was our classic red velvet and cream cheese, and last but certainly not least, our lemon cupca…

Can You Tell Me How To Get To...

Sesame Street!! I think we've all grown up with this fabulous show, and in honour of a certain little two year old's birthday party, what better way to celebrate than with some familiar characters!

Charlotte LOVES Elmo so he was top on her list for her birthday party. We decided to bring in a few more fun and colourful characters as well! In fact, this order was all about fun and colour! We had so much fun playing around with the character's faces, making sure they were just right and recognizable as the characters we all love!

Because this was a cupcake order, we got to be extra creative since there were so many individual little cakes to play with. We started with regular size cupcakes and dressed these guys up as the main attractions, then added in some super colourful mini cupcakes for those that just wanted a quick bite :).

First up was of course, the star player...Elmo. We started with some big eyes, a happy fondant mouth and his big round orange nose. We covered the…