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Cakes and Cupcakes and Cake Pops! Oh My!

It was another busy weekend at Sugarbird! Wedding season is in full swing and we were excited to to not only be making the wedding couple's cake pop favours, but also their cupcake wedding display! First stop, cake pops!

These little guys are small, but actually take quite a bit of preparation. The end product is a perfect delicious little ball of cake on a stick! We started by creating a whole bunch of these little cake bites (205 to be exact!), then got to work dipping them in chocolate and covering them in decorations. We went with pink and white to match the wedding colour scheme.

After they were all dipped, it was wrapping time! Every cake pop was wrapped in an individual bag and tied with a ribbon. Luckily for us we enlisted some help to give us a hand with the wrapping process!  Then it was off to the reception where they were placed on each person's plate :)

But it didn't end there! Also on the menu were 100 cupcakes, plus a small cake for the official cake cutting…

A 2-cake weekend!

It was a busy weekend in the Sugarbird kitchen. Not only was it Father's Day, but we also had two wedding cakes to make! Luckily we were able to get everything finished and we were thrilled with how both cakes turned out (not to mention whipping up our Father's Day chocolate trifle, find the recipe in the post below!)

The first cake we created was an Irish wedding cake. In a change of pace, this cake was entirely the groom's vision and was created to be a surprise for the bride :). It incorporated both of their wedding rings and the effect was truly romantic. We started by hand forming celtic knots out of sugarveil, which is a mouldable icing, and used the same to pipe some claddagh symbols.

We then created some pretty purple roses to pull the whole cake together :)

The second cake was truly glamourous! A 3-tiered white cake decked out in rhinestone bling. We did some quilting on the middle tier and incorporated some black sugar pearls. The final product was shiny and clas…

So much cake!!

One thing we learned quickly about cake making, is that after all that trimming and levelling of cake tiers, you're left with A LOT of leftover cake! People ask us all the time, "what do you do with all of those leftovers?". Well, first and foremost...we eat it. You'd think we'd get sick of cake after making it day after day, but somehow this hasn't happened yet, much to the disappointment of my healthy eating plan. Over time we've come up with a lot of creative ways to use the leftovers so we thought we'd share some of them here with you all :)

One thing we do with leftover cake scraps is make cake pops out of them. This is a super easy way to use up leftovers, and you're left with some adorable pops to give out at a party, etc. Just crumble the cake into crumbs, mix in some icing, roll into balls and refrigerate. Using melted chocolate, stick a lollipop stick into the chocolate, then into the cake ball and let set. Then dip the cake pops into mo…

Animals two-by-two!

This was a fun cake to make :). We were asked to create a Noah's Ark themed cake for three little ones, which meant we could go crazy making adorable little pairs of animals! We started by making a chocolate cake with delicious vanilla buttercream for the bottom tier, and a carrot cake with our cream cheese icing for the top tier.

Then it was animal time! Looks like this stop on Noah's journey was the jungle. We created elephants, lions, jaguars, pandas, alligators, and our favourites, the monkeys! And of course we couldn't forget the ocean life, so we included some cute little fishies and octopus.

Finally, what would a Noah's Ark cake be without the ark! We created the ark out of rice krispie treats and added on the ocean-bound pandas.

And voila, the finished product! Hope this family enjoys their cake, and of course their special day for Emma, Reed and Hannah :)

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