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Fun with Themes!

You all know how much we LOVE themed cakes (and cookies, and cupcakes) so the last few weeks have been a blast! From a moustache themed baby shower, to a Croods themed birthday party, our latest four projects have kept us very busy, and we loved it!

First up was a weekend of birthday cakes. The lucky birthday girl was actually having TWO parties and therefore, got two cakes! First, to go with the party plan of viewing the new movie 'The Croods', we created a cake in the spirit of the movie. We started with our yummy chocolate cake with chocolate fudge buttercream, covered it in fondant and then created all of the fun characters from the movie. We then covered the cake in some fondant and rice krispie square caves and finished the cake off with some colourful plants. We hope the Croods, and the birthday girl, loved the cake as much as we did!

For the second birthday cake, the theme was the birthday girl's favourite Disney princess...Belle! We created a skirt made out of lem…


Our website is finally up and running!! So everyone stop what you're doing and click on over to and let us know what you think :). And stay tuned for a brand new blog post coming soon!

Easter and a Fruit Basket!

Well, once again we're behind with our blog! We took a bit of break while we were undergoing some kitchen renovations, but we've been back at it for a couple of weeks and are excited to share our latest creations! :)

First up...a fruit basket! But not just any fruit basket of course. This one was made of a cake basket and hand formed fruits! We love detailed cakes because we can let our creativity go crazy, which is what we did creating all of the fun little pieces of fruit on this cake. The cake was a vanilla bean cake with lemon custard and fresh blueberry filling. It was covered in vanilla bean buttercream in the basket weave pattern. We were so happy with the finished product and hope the birthday girl was as well! :)

Next up...Easter!! We had orders for cupcakes and cookies over the holiday weekend. For the cupcakes, we went with three different flavours: carrot, vanilla and banana. Yummy and fresh, perfect for Easter dessert!

And finally, the cookies! We started with our…