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Cakes for the Kiddies!

Today's blog post is featuring some of our recent cakes that we created for children-related events. From birthday parties to Christenings, baby showers to gender reveal parties, every cake was so much fun to make and we hope just as much fun to eat!

First up are three birthday cakes. Each one is so different but we loved each and every one of them! We love doing children's birthday cakes because we can use tons of bright colours and lots of adorable little decorations.

The first cake is a second birthday cake for a lucky little boy who LOVES trucks. We made his first birthday cake last year (a super cute dump truck!) so this year we went with a construction truck, filled to the brim with chocolate brownies. We also included an adorable little fondant moose, who may or may not have stolen a bite of brownie ;)

The second cake was for a Cookie Monster themed first birthday party. And, of course, you can't have a cookie monster cake without fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

The third birthday cake was actually two cakes, as they were for twins! We created two first birthday doggie cakes, one for each child :). We also made some matching cupcakes, with handmade doggie fondant faces on each one. Thanks so much to Jennifer van Son Photography for the amazing pictures of our treats!

The next cake we're featuring was for a baby shower. We decorated this confetti flavoured cake with a beautiful sky coloured fondant and then covered it with tiny fondant baby clothes, trees, flowers, and some gumpaste baby booties. This was a perfect cake for a summertime baby shower and we were thrilled with the way it turned out :)

Next up was another cake for twins :). This one was a Christening cake and we absolutely loved the result. We went with a purple ombre swirl design which created an elegant and beautiful cake.

Last up for this post is a gender reveal cake! These parties are becoming more and more popular. The excited mom gave us the gender and we dyed the inside of the cake and the icing either blue or pink. It's a fantastic way to surprise your friends and family with the exciting announcement!

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